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Al Malweyah Concrete Company

Al Malweyah Concrete Company is an Iraqi Cement and concrete company, established in 1979. The company was formed in technical collaboration with one of the very well-known German Firm Liebherr. Using state of the art technology, company supply Ready Mix Concrete to various infrastructure projects in Iraq.
Projects Executed by the company:

  1. The industrial block for the Project of Musaed Al Saleh & Sons in Al Yusufiyah.
  2. The project of the poultry farms for the Ministry of Agriculture in Baghdad – Abu Ghraib.
  3. The project of extending the buildings of The General Automobile Company, Iraq – Baghdad.
  4. The first phase of the project of the General Car Manufacturing Company in Babel (Babylon).
  5. Constructed the pillars for the bridges over the highway between Baghdad and Al Latifiyah.
  6. Worked as a subcontractor in the execution of Sheraton Baghdad.
  7. Executed the finishing works of the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce Building – Baghdad.
  8. Worked as a subcontractor in the construction of the grain silos for the Ministry of Commerce in Karkh – Baghdad.
  9. Worked, as a subcontractor in the construction of Badush Dam in Nainawa – Iraq.
  10. Executed a Residential Compound in Jordan.